Thursday, December 29, 2005

White Christmas

Well, we've actually had some snow here. It started to fall gently at around 3pm and carried on for about an hour. By the time it finished it must have been lying all of 1mm thick - that counts as extreme in Bournemouth! It seemed like a really good excuse to skip my run, after all, it is still Christmas......

However, then I remembered that marathoners don't quit! So into our warmest kit and off we went. It's all too easy to drop into a relaxed pace when I run on my own, so it's good to go out with hubby cos he's faster than me and I have to work to keep up with him. We did 6 hilly miles, him comfortably, me less so. Some of the quieter pavements were very slippery so we had to be careful in places. It's good to have the run under my belt, have had a hot bath and something to eat and still have the evening left to relax.

Back to work

A long day at work for me yesterday but, fortunately, not too busy. Went to circuit training afterwards and was glad not to be outdoors. There was a surprisingly good turnout and it was nice to get back into the swing of things, especially as I will miss next week's again.

As my colleague is on holiday, I have to work today and tomorrow but should be a ble to get away a bit earlier than usual. There's no club session tonight so we haven't yet decided what to do. Hubby thinks it's too cold to run outside and fancies a session on the treadmill. I hate the 'dready' and would rather freeze!

I'll be glad when things are back to 'normal' as I really need to start putting some time and effort into my fundraising. Speaking of which, have you visited yet?!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing day and beyond.

I acted as sweeper in yesterday's 10k race, hence pootled along and did a 'personal worst' time! Everyone was very supportive of the 2 ladies at the back, but I had to resist the urge to explain that I could go faster if I wanted to. The weather was cold and grey with some rain. I wore my Mrs Claus outfit and my legs were so cold that they were almost the same colour as the dress! Nevertheless it was a nice start to the day and a great way of getting us up and out.

Family came round in the afternoon for tea, cake and pressie swapping, then Mum, hubby, son and I opened our stockings in the evening.

Today we've been shopping for a digital camera. Mum gave us quite a lot of money towards it as we had said that we wanted one for our cruise next year. It was very cold today, and there were lots of crowds in town so we were only out for a couple of hours. I'm now very achy from sitting around, and I'm stuffed full of chocolate. It's a good job that I'm back at work tomorrow otherwise I think I'd put on the 4 stones that I'd lost over the past year or so!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Christmas

Had a lovely time yesterday. Unusually, we had decided to spend the day quietly rather than with hubby's family, and eat in the evening instead of lunchtime. For me that meant a leisurely start to the day with breakfast and TV in bed as opposed to the mad scramble to get everything ready for lunchtime. Hubby worked 9am - midday and son didn't even come home until 9.00. We had canapes and nibbles for lunch (as it were!) and opened some pressies after that. Hubby and son watched a DVD that son had been given for Christmas. I'm afraid that, at that stage, I showed the effects of too much champagne and went to sleep! A friend popped round for an hour or so in the afternoon and then it was time for me to get dinner. We had opted for duck followed by trifle as a change from the standard Christmas meal, and really enjoyed it. Son went out later, but hubby and I were ready for bed by then anyway!

Hubby bought me a great pressie - a voucher so that I can go and fly Harris hawks at the bird of prey centre. Thoughtfully, he also bought a 2nd voucher so that I can take a friend along to share the day. It's something that I've wanted to do for years, so I'm delighted!

Today we have a 10k at 11.00. Having got my PB at the Christmas pud race, I am just going to enjoy myself. If there's anyone who wants someone to pootle around with them I will do that, otherwise will take it gently on my own. Afterwards we will collect Mum and bring her back here for the rest of the day. Hubby's family are coming round after lunch for tea, cake and pressies and I have a chinese readymeal for dinner. Hubby, son, Mum and I will open our stockings after dinner.

Hope that you all had a Happy Christmas and are not TOO hungover today.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Done and dusted

Nice LSR done this morning. A fairly flat 14 miles, mainly along the prom. We started at 9.00 and things were getting quite busy down there by the time we were heading back. It was a mildish, dry morning with little wind, so ideal conditions. The leggies were starting to tie up a bit towards the end, but we were glad to have been able to keep a steady pace throughout. The girl I have been training with recently is emigrating soon (I don't think it's anything I said!!) and I will miss her. It feels good to have the long run under my belt today, then I can enjoy tomorrow without feeling guilty!

Nothing much left to do around the house either. Shopping is all finished, pressies wrapped and trifle underway. Am planning to put my feet up for an hour or so this afternoon before collecting Mum and going to a carol service with my friends. For me, that is always a signal that Christmas has truly started.

So, in all, everything done and dusted. Let the good times roll!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Festive fun.

Have had a very busy few days, one way or another. Wednesday was a full day at work, then off to a local restaurant for our work's Christmas do. As usual, we had a good time and I managed not to overindulge too much in either the food or drink department. I usually only work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but have had to do a full week as my colleague is on holiday. Another club run after work yesterday, much the same route as Tuesday to look at the lights. However, yesterday we all wore silly Christmas hats and attracted quite a lot of attention from passing motorists. Stopped for a drink in the bar afterwards and was able to chat to a friend who has not been running for a while. Today we had our usual Christmas lunch at work and swopped pressies. The afternoon was quiet so I managed to get away around 4pm. Have just done the last of the shopping so am ready to collapse in front of the TV for the evening - there's just a small matter of some dinner first!

LSR tomorrow morning with friend. We plan to run out and back along the prom, which we hope will be quiet at this time of year. Have done around 14 miles this week so far, so will need to take things slowly. Hubby has a sore heal so will not be joining us but might go to the gym instead.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas lights

Rest day yesterday. Mondays are always very busy at work so all I want to do at the end of the day is collapse into a heap. Today hasn't been too bad and I had really looked forward to my club session. We did a fast (for me), hilly 7-8 miles so that we could look at the Christmas lights. There is a cul-de-sac nearby where nearly every house is heavily decorated. It's great fun and well worth a visit. Besides - I got time for a breather while everyone was looking at the lights! Have just had a snack and am now ready for shower and bed. Another long day at work tomorrow, then out for our work Christmas party in the evening.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rest day

LSR safely out of the way, today was a rest day. It was good to have a lie-in without feeling guilty. Hubby watched footie on TV whilst I pottered around, then an early lunch and out to Stapehill Abbey, a local tourist attraction. We listened to a choir sing Christmas carols and had a look at some crafts. Outside, I had fun kicking up the leaves, several people laughed at me for doing so! Went and had a look at the animals and stroked pigs, goats and rabbits. Then had a singalong to a fairground organ, several other people joined in with 'Jingle Bells'. Still had plenty of time to try and get to grips with a 'Sudoku' puzzle at home. Hubby is good at them but I'm a novice, having previously been put off because of my poor maths. Sunday is the one day that I insist we all sit down together for a meal, so we enjoyed pasta and a pudding - plus a couple of glasses of wine. A nice end to the weekend, especially as I have a busy week at work next week.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Time and tide.

Had a good time trial last night. The course is very flat, an 'out and back' along the prom. It was a mild, dry evening with little wind, ideal for running. Although there are lights along the prom, there's not enough to see to cause distractions. At aprox 27.37 my time was almost identical to last month. However, on that occasion I was being pushed to the limit by a clubmate and felt dreadful. Yesterday I was running within myself and felt good. Maybe a PB next time round. It was nice to stop for a drink and a chat afterwards and I even treated myself to a chip buttie. Don't remember the last time I ate chips!

This morning saw me up early in preparation for my LSR (long, slow run). I had some porridge for breakfast around 6.30 and we set off at 9.00. The route was about 10 miles, 'undulating' being the official term. Some roads, then down through Bournemouth gardens to the pier.A quick look at the sea before we turned round to come back. It's another nice day, dry and sunny but rather cold, and windy at times. The last mile or so was up a gentle, but long incline and into a head wind. It felt like climbing the north face of the Eiger! I had thought that I might do a few extra miles, but the old leggies had other ideas. Had a bit of a crisis of confidence - if I feel knackered after only 10 miles, how do I think I'm going to manage 26? A little pep talk from hubby soon had me feeling more positive. It's so good to have him training for the same event so that we can encourage each other.

I'm starting to get a few fundraising ideas, thanks to some very good friends, so will have to get on with things after Christmas. If you haven't already, please visit
Thank you.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas is coming

After yesterday's successful shopping trip, I later had a great club run. It was a lovely evening, mild and clear, with a huge moon that, I was told, was the brightest it would be for the next 18 years. The usual winter run around the local housing estates was enlivened by seeking out all houses with lots of Christmas decorations outside. We ran for just under an hour at an easy conversational pace and I really enjoyed it. The hard speed sessions are neccessary if I want to see improvement in my times. However, runs like last night's are the ones that make all the pain worthwhile. I still find it hard to believe that, not only can I run, but I also actually enjoy it! It gives me such pleasure to feel my body moving as it is meant to and to know that it will repond if I ask more from it. What a difference from the couch potato of 18 months ago!

Today I've been busy getting some Christmas stuff organised. I've also had coffee with my friend and been to the hairdressers. A trip around Tesco was also needed before I could relax over lunch. Consequently I'm feeling rather tired and have a headache again. There's lots of things that need doing bit I'm going to spend some time quietly instead. After all, I want to be fit for tonight's time trail, don't I?!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another hectic day at work yesterday, then a quick change and straight out to circuit training. I really enjoy these sessions as they give me the opportunity to work on my upper body strength, and on my core stability which is essential to help keep my back healthy. We usually have a laugh - especially when I fall off the 'Swiss Ball' thingy. No co-ordination at all, I'm afraid! After that, another quick change and I went to a get-together with my Am. Dram. friends. It was great to catch up with everyones' news and I even managed to stay away from the food table (well, mostly...).

Have had a very successful x training trip today. I ordered some new specs, bought hubby's Christmas pressie AND bought a lovely evening dress for myself. We're going on a cruise in July and this will be perfect. £30 off too, so can't complain (although husband will, of course!).

Off to meet hubby for lunch soon, then spend some time with a friend this afternoon. Hopefully I'll still have some energy left for my club run tonight!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hectic headache

A couple of very hectic days at work left me suffering from a nasty tension headache this evening. I knew that I would feel better after a run, but wasn't looking forward to acutally doing it! It was a lovely crisp, dry evening and there were lots of Christmas lights to look at as we went round. It's always good to catch up with the gossip from club mates and it almost takes the mind off the pain! 8 circuits done tonight, alternating hard and easy but without stopping, then a steady run back to base. As anticipated, no headache on return but the poor old legs know that they've been working. Time for shower and bed.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas pudding 10k

Had a lovely 10k race through the lanes of rural Dorset this morning. It was a lovely morning with none of the freezing fog that we had driven through en route. The course was very flat, ideal PB material. I'm not sure of the exact time, but it was somewhere around 57 minutes, my previous best (2 weeks ago) being 58.29. Going to eat now, then spend the afternoon watching 'Narnia' at the cinema with the family.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friends and food

Rest day for me yesterday. Went to see some old friends in the afternoon, then out for a meal with other friends in the evening. We had a good time and it was lovely to catch up with everyone's news. Rest day again today as we have a 10k race tomorrow. After Christmas I will do fewer of these 'short' races and get back to the long slow runs which I will need for my marathon training.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Climb every mountain

Had a good day today. Spent some time with a friend, then club session in the evening. Did an hour's steady run, including some hills. In fact, given the location of the club it's impossible to avoid the hills. I'm really enjoying the fact that I can see improvement in this area. Roads that seemed like mountains earlier in the year are now much more manageable and that's a real confidence booster. Mind you, I know that we only have sissy southern hills down here, not like those oop north!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Shopping and eating

Took Slugmummy around a couple of local garden centres yesterday. Spent an enjoyable morning playing with Christmas toys and looking at the decorations! I had mentioned that I might like to run the Boxing Day race in fancy dress, so mum bought me a Mrs Christmas outfit. Don't think I'll be on for a PB wearing that lot!

In the evening we went out with plodpals for a meal at one of the local pubs. It was great to have time for a good chat rather than the odd gasped comment. Lovely peeps also sponsored me for FLM, so a good night all round.

Club session for me this evening but lots to do at home first.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The hill from hell

Had a tough but enjoyable club session today. I think coach was trying to kill us for some reason as he made us run up the hill from hell. I'm struggling to hang on to the back of this group as they are all faster than me, so they all charged off like greyhounds whilst we slower peeps plodded along behind. I did make it to the top without stopping though, which felt soooooo good. I know that the ability to keep going even when my body cries out for mercy will be really important for my marathon, so this is really good training.

Tomorrow should be a circuit training session, but some of us from the running club are going out for a meal instead. I am taking Mum shopping though - surely that counts as cross training??

Monday, December 05, 2005

Lyn's marathon

Rest day for me today. I feel fine after yesterday's exertions, although the tummy has remained a little sensitive. I did consider a short recovery run. However have spent the day shopping with a friend so have been on my feet for some hours. Am looking forward to a quiet night in, then club training session tomorrow.

The agony and the ecstacy

After the ecstacy yesterday of securing a place to run the 2006 London Marathon for my chosen charity - Back Care- came the agony today of the long training run. 12.6 miles done but much of that was accompanied by tummy cramps. Perhaps that had something to do with the quantity of alcohol I imbibed last night! I was running with husband, but he felt very tired too so the last couple of miles were difficult for us both. At the moment, the idea of adding on an extra 14 miles seems very daunting, I'm glad that the 2 of us can train together for mutual support.

We went to my Mum's for dinner tonight but had to leave early as we were both very tired. Warned Mum that this is the shape of things to come over the next 4 months.

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