Friday, March 31, 2006

The blasted heath (with apologies to W Shakespeare!)

After the usual work/rest on Monday, I was glad to get out with the club on Tuesday. Hubby and I were having a little disagreement on the way down. He said that it would be light enough to get out onto the heath in a couple of weeks. I said that it was light enough already and we would be out straight away.

Off we went in our separate groups. Hubby with the speedier peeps who played it safe and stayed on the pavements, me with the slower group which headed straight up onto the heath. We did some hilly circuits and stayed on there for most of the session, even though the light was fading fast towards the end. I couldn't resist a 'Told you' when we got back!

Wednesday was my circuits session. Our usual instructor was away and the girl standing in for her is a real taskmaster. She drove us hard all session and consequently I am still suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness) today. I am going to take my remaining sessions before London a bit more gently as I don't want to risk injury at this stage.

Club session again last night and back onto the heath. We ran steadily taking in up and down hills and uneven surfaces. Once I knew we were more than halfway through I started splishing through the puddles and trying to splash the other peeps. I think the words 'big kid' were mentioned. Then coach took a wrong path and the going got increasingly rough. It was raining by then and the light was going fast. We were having to push through the undergrowth and I was very glad that it was still too cold for the 'legless reptiles' to be about. Eventually we found our way barred by a 5 foot fence - repaired since last season. It was getting too late to retrace our steps so we had to climb the fence to get back. I'm not good with heights so needed a lot of help to get over. At one stage I had one leg either side of the fence and was having a little panic. However, not having any choice, I finally made it to the other side - with lots of apologies to my club mates for being such a wuss! I got back with very wet feet, muddy legs and lots of scratches from the gorse and brambles. Bliss!!

Rest day today and tomorrow as we have a half marathon on Sunday. Am looking forward to a nice meal and a couple of drinks tonight, and to spending some time with hubby!


Blogger HappyasLarry said...

Sluggie - fence climing is not x training. I'm glad my runs don't involve that sort of excitement!

11:21 AM  
Blogger beanz said...

you could drop the circuits in the taper?
I have read that in couple of places, its not going to improve fitness for FLM and it will be hard not to do them full on?

2:06 PM  
Blogger Bedders said...

How was the half marathon?

5:19 PM  

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