Friday, March 03, 2006


It's been bliddy cold of late. I listen to some of my friends who suffer really extreme weather conditions and I know that we are so lucky in Bournemouth. Nevertheless, it has been very cold here and I do hate it sooo much. I ache constantly from being scrunched up against the cold, and I just don't want to do anything even though I know that I would warm up if I got moving! It's been a real struggle to get out and train, and it was great to discover that last evening was milder than anticipated. The temperature was just around zero, but the awful cutting wind had disappeared. I'd worn my long sleeved top and a new running jacket and was actually a bit too warm! Thank heavens for the club sessions as that gives me a specific time to be out, no putting it off until tomorrow.

My last couple of club sessions have actually been quite gentle and I know that I need to be putting in some better quality training. However, the only way to achieve that currently would be to go out on my own and, realistically, that's not going to happen until the weather warms up a bit. So - club it is!

We've got a 20 mile race booked for Sunday. This is the one that the Trailplus coaches advised me not to do on the grounds that it would be risking injury and exhaustion. However, having entered and paid I really do want to take part. So, the plan is to go out slowly for the first 5 miles, do the next 10 at marathon pace and the final 5 very slowly indeed. The coaches actually said to walk the final 5, but we will see... Whatever, I am determined not to push myself too hard and will stop and walk, or pull out, if it seems neccessary. However, I don't think I'd have the confidence to do the 26 miles without at least one very long training run under my belt.

Today is a rest day. So it's a very slow start this morning before visiting Tesco. This evening we're going out for a meal with some of my drama club friends. Must remember to take my trusty sponsor form with me!

Speaking of which - yesterday I got a cheque from the school I visited. £20 towards the funds, which is about what I expected, so I'm pleased with that.

Rest day notwithstanding, it really is time I got moving.....


Blogger beanz said...

have a good day

you have plenty of time to recover - I think they were more concerned about 20 mile races 3 or 4 weeks out

9:48 PM  
Blogger Evil Pixie said...

a least they gave you something for you
half day's work!!
how did the 20m go?

3:58 PM  

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