Wednesday, April 19, 2006

4 days to go

I had a nice day on Monday, just a gentle stroll with some of our am-dram friends and lunch afterwards. However, I seem to have agreed to stand in for someone who has just dropped out of the next play with just 4 weeks to go before we open. The girls who dropped out is a ditzy 28 year old blonde, so I was an obvious replacement (those who have met me will be rolling around laughing at this point)!! So after the big day I will need to really concentrate on learning the part but for now I have other things on my mind.

Just went out and did 30 a minute run yesterday. As usual, the 1st mile felt awful, but I pushed on somewhat faster than I my recent LSR pace and was glad to feel the leggies perk up a bit. Have missed tonight's circuit session for fear of doing myself a damage. I frequently pull one muscle or another in the sessions and just don't want to take any chances at this stage.

I'm also trying to avoid sick people like the plague - which is fun as I work in a Doctors' surgery!

Tomorrow I will go up to London by coach so that I can visit the 'Expo' and collect my race number. I'm sure that the excitement will really start to build then!

Now that the day is almost upon us, people have been very kind as regards donating to my charity. Why don't you visit to see how I am doing?


Blogger Bedders said...

See you tomorrow at expo! Not sure where or how but all the very best for Sunday. Run well.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Outsidenow said...

Very sensible giving circuits a miss at this stage but I'm not convinced you'll manage to avoid the sick people though.

Hope you & Mr have a fabulous Marafun. Be sure to make time & wave at the TV cameras now coz we'll all be watching!

8:00 PM  

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