Friday, April 14, 2006

Last club run - or was it?

Yesterday was supposed to be my last club session before the London Marathon. Our usual coach is away, so hubby is taking our group on Thursdays. Now, I need at least a mile to get myself going and am reeeeely slow until then. 'Real' coach knows this and tends to go off slowly until we are all warmed up. However, hubby went off ahead, as is his want, towing the faster peeps along with him but leaving me trailing in his wake. I was muttering darkly under my breath and said to another of the group that I never want to run with hubby again! After about 15 mins he did stop for me to catch up but was very sarcastic and patronising - so I turned round and went off on my own. As hubby had the car keys I plodded on home and was watching a DVD with son before hubby dragged himself home from the bar.

Not a disaster though as I got a 45 min plod at my own speed (a little faster than mara pace and working hard up the final hill to home) and had de stressed by the time I got home. Kissed and made up so we are speaking to each other this morning. Just as well as it is our wedding anniversary!

Hubby is working tomorrow so I will out and do my designated hour on my own, which will probably be good for both of us! Then out for dinner with friends tomorrow evening and chill out for rest of weekend.


Blogger Outsidenow said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Pressie suggestion - some lead weights for his Nikes.

Hope you both have a good day.

9:45 AM  
Blogger beanz said...


mrbeanz wouldn't even go out the door to run with me - I'm sooo slow

but then if we are walking I am tooo fast!!

9:11 PM  

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