Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Marathon + 2

Slept much better last night. My legs were incredibly sore before I went to bed, but felt easier when I woke. I went out and did a very gentle 25 minute recovery run and stretched out some of the knots.

It's taken me ages to catch up with my e-mails - so many messages of support from so many lovely peeps. Thank you, everyone.

Today I plan to pop into work and also see Mum - after all, I need to show off my medal, don't I??


Blogger Outsidenow said...

Glad you slept better last night. A spledid race report and a helluva effort.

Very well done to you and Mr Slug!!!

Take it easy the rest of the week coz let's face it you've earned a rest haven't you?

12:49 AM  

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