Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2 weeks later

Well, it's now just over 2 weeks since FLM. I am back to running with my club as the play I was involved with has been cancelled (someone else dropped out). My knee has stood up to 1 hour sessions without any real pain, although I have been playing safe and wearing a 'pat strap' for support. Have not yet gone back to 3 sessions a week though, currently not doing a weekend run but intend to get back to that this week.

It has been lovely to get out onto the heath in the evening sun and run just for the fun of it.There have been a few puddles for me to splash through, which really adds to my enjoyment. During the latter stages of my marathon training I had slipped into the habit of plodding along at one pace all the time. I have really felt the extra effort needed to keep up with my clubmates.I'm sure that this is doing me good!